Please submit an updated resume including three references and completed application via email to 
(can use a document scanning app). 

If you are an enrolled college/university student, you must be classified at least as a junior.  Interviews will be scheduled ASAP.

assistant II

Required hours are:
Mondays 7 pm - 9 pm
Tuesdays 3:30 pm - 9pm
Fridays 2:30 pm - 7 pm
Saturdays 2:30 pm - 7 pm
Sundays 2:30 pm - 7 pm


Description: The Cattery Assistant II is a paid part-time position that will work with the Operations Director in the everyday operation of the Cattery Lounge & Snackery. This includes managing the wellbeing of the cats, attending to patrons, and supervising Assistant I and volunteer positions.

Duties and responsibilities:

● Thorough cleaning of facility and equipment, including spot cleaning of animal and public areas throughout the day in order to prevent/minimize illness as well creating an attractive and comfortable area for the cats and patrons.

● Opening and/or closing the store for business on scheduled days.

● Supervising the Assistant I when on-site.

● Working with the Volunteer Director and volunteers to help maintain the best possible environment for cats and patrons.

● Coordinate with the PAWS off-site counselor.

● Handling payment transactions with customers- monitoring the stay of customers and enforcing Cattery rules.

● Using the Point of Sales systems, Square.

● Selling and restocking snacks, beverages, merchandise, and consignment art.

● Working with the Programs Director for special events and activities within the Cattery.

● Other duties as assigned by the Operations and/or members of the Board of Directors. Requirements:

● Strong interpersonal skills. The ideal person for this job would be personable, outgoing, patient, professional, compassionate, and able to get along well with a variety of people. The ability to remain pleasant and calm even in stressful situations.

● Excellent written and oral communications skills.

● Affection for animals, concern for their welfare and a willingness to accommodate animals in the workplace.

● Familiarity with cats and knowledge of cat behavior through experience volunteering or working with a rescue group/ humane society, foster care involvement, or other animal welfare agency/veterinary clinic are a must.

● Ability and initiative in order to work with minimal supervision and direction.

● Maturity and good judgment.

● Ability to problem solve in unpredictable situations.

● Flexibility and ability to manage multiple tasks.

● Management and supervision skills. Education requirements:

● High-school diploma or GED

Physical requirements: ● Physical ability to walk and stand throughout a normal workday required. ● Physical ability to engage in repetitive motions of legs, arms and hands ● Ability to hear, see, and move animals and goods (up to 50 pounds). ● Allergic conditions, which would be aggravated when handling or working with animals, may be a disqualification.

Benefits: $9 an hour for up to 30 hours a week No benefits provided We employ both paid staff and volunteers and are an equal opportunity employer