Upcoming TRAININGs

  • Sunday, November 19th - 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Monday, November 20th - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Sunday, December 17th - 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Become a volunteer! 

Volunteers are essential to our mission of providing a relaxed community space and promoting adoptions and proper care for our cats and kittens. There are many opportunities to join Cattery Lounge as a volunteer, from cleaning and feeding the cats to teaching a community art class. Below are the steps needed to become a Cattery Lounge volunteer.

Below are the steps needed to become a Volunteer:

1. Complete and submit the volunteer application.

2. Agree to the Cattery Lounge & Snackery Volunteer & Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement at the end of the application.

3. Agree to volunteer at least 4 hours/month (if an individual volunteer).

4. Read the Volunteer Handbook (this will be emailed after submitting your application).

5. Attend a volunteer orientation session unless volunteering as part of a group, in which case, I will abide by required group training instructions.

6. Purchase a Cattery Lounge & Snackery T-shirt to wear when volunteering, at a cost of $19.99.

7. Attend additional training classes (listed below) as required for specific activities.

8. Follow the Cattery Lounge & Snackery on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter! (optional but recommended).

Please note: We require that all volunteers be 18 or older, complete an application, and attend a volunteer orientation. Individuals younger than 18 can volunteer with a parent, provided that the parent has been through a volunteer orientation with their child.